Restore Your Departed Loved One's Headstone

We take care of headstone cleaning and restoriation

Many families visit the grave of their loved ones to pay respects, place flowers and regain a sense of connection with the person they lost. This can become a tradition, with families returning year after year. Over time, headstones become faded and discolored. Zimmerman's Memorials offers headstone cleaning so your loved one's final resting place remains elegant and pristine.

The materials we use are completely environmentally friendly. They're also gentle on older monuments and headstones.

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Turn to us for quality headstone restoration

Turn to us for quality headstone restoration

Don’t let your loved one’s headstone lose its luster. If you notice that a headstone needs headstone restoration, let us know. We will restore the headstone so it looks good and holds up longer.

We can:

  • Clean and repair granite and bronze
  • Restore weathered or damaged stone and bronze
  • Maintain the beauty and grace of older monuments
  • Ensure that your family legacy lasts

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